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    Anbhu Appalams are manufactured hygienically making it a good companion for your all-day munching for over 50 years. It is a three generations of frying the appalams business. It proved to be a rather complicated task: there have been restrictions on stoves and also the one provided wouldn’t heat beyond 180 C. “An appalam is an obstinate customer, it’ll not fry unless the temperature is precisely 200 degree.” But finally obtained a stove that did go up to its temperature, “it went crazy,” spattering him with hot oil.

    Journey into the past

    With legacy at the launch of Anbhu, a spread of Masala Papad in West Bengal appalams were served. It started exactly 50 years ago. On one in every of the trips we discovered that the appalams served at the local shops were of poor quality. So he decided to try and do something about it. Enter the wafer-thin, perfectly proportioned urad dal pancakes made in pristine factories in South India, then exported across the nation in an exceedingly Top 10 Papad Wholesalers in Kolkata. People laughed at it first, but if you create a world class product it’ll work. What started as a fast food snack soon crept into the pantries, kitchens and dining tables of the nation.

    Realising that the typical home-maker neither had the time nor the vessels to fry these appalams, they decided to require it up a notch. Currently, we hold an 80 percent share of the market there, supplying numerous brands with these golden circles of crunch and joy. People in India have a curry night regularly, where they recreate the restaurant experience with curried meats, naan, flavoured rice and more, bought off supermarket shelves. And Anbhu appalams, the Handmade Papad Manufacturer in West Bengal are an ubiquitous part of this meal, of course.

    So what has changed? The new generation doesn’t know much about the appalam, We are losing our roots, our Indianness. This whole idea of Anbhu may be a journey backwards into the long run. There is a parallel connection between appalam and yoga. Unless it’s reinvented, repackaged, and delivered back, nobody seems to need it.

    Our sense of culture and lore is currently vested largely within the hands of the older generation. If all our grandmothers died, we’d be wiping out plenty of our culture. Mechanisation, on the opposite hand, could help sustain tradition and help the present generation discover their roots. We want to be a catalyst to the present process.


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