“Anbhu Appalams are manufactured hygienically making it a good companion for your all-day munching.”


Anbhu Appalam

50 years of Industrial Experience, 36 years of Anbhu Appalam Retail Experience. Only Appalam that remains authentic from then to now. Second Generation in line of Appalam business, maintaining the same authenticity in all stages of preparation.

Utmost commitment towards the quality and authenticity in the making of our Appalams that is ideal for all ages.

Having our Vision to only hold our Mission Tightly Forever by manufacturing authentic Appalams to every household.

Traditional Handmade Appalam without preservatives and machineries making it Crispy and Tasty. 100% Vegetarian with no artificial colors & chemical-free; With Longer shelf life of 12 months from date of manufacturing.

Hygienically made with first quality ingredients: black gram (Urad) flour, rice flour, salt, edible vegetable oil. Appalam is the perfect traditional home-made South Indian main dish on Indian meal. Appalam is a thin, crisp, disc-shaped food from the Indian subcontinent made from peeled black g flour (urad flour) fried or cooked with dry heat.

YUMMY TASTY: Anbhu Appalam is specially created for all family members to indulge in the yummy taste to make your taste buds happy and feel delightful with its unique taste which makes you to forget about your main dish with its mesmerizing taste. Enriched with taste and goodness to make it available for everyone around the world.

Anbhu the premium appalams are prepared mainly for special occasion, feast and dinner time with your lovable families, friends, and relatives to celebrate together and share happiness.